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Computer Hardware Requirements

Students must have access to a computer with the following configurations in order to benefit from and easily navigate Hawthorn University’s learning platform. A broadband connection is required.  The computer should have a soundcard and speakers, webcam, and microphone. Students will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (download) and a Skype account.


Additionally Window Users should have:

  • Windows 7, 8, or 10;
  • Minimum of 8 GB Memory;
  • Browser: Google Chrome version 47 or higher (Recommended)/Internet Explorer 11 or higher/Mozilla Firefox 40.0 or higher (If Internet Explorer 11.0 or higher is used, it must be in Compatibility View. Instructions for configuring Compatibility View are available in the Forms/Publications section of the student's learning portal).

Mac Users should have:

  • Mac OS X or higher;
  • Minimum of 8 GB Memory;
  • Browser: Google Chrome version 47 or higher (Recommended)/ Safari 6.2.2 or higher/Mozilla Firefox 40.0 or higher.


Computer Competency Requirements

Hawthorn University students are expected to:

  • Perform basic functions, including creating, saving, copying, and retrieving files
  • Be able to upload and download documents
  • Format documents
  • Perform basic word processing activities
  • Engage in basic Internet activities, including subject searches
  • Should students experience any difficulty in navigating the system or in their general use of
  • the website, technical support is available through Hawthorn’s Help Desk system.

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