Online Learning

This program is divided into twelve courses. Courses are uniquely designed to facilitate student learning through audio lectures that include dynamic interviews with professionals in clinical practice, original articles from Hawthorn University, and textbook readings. Students are given practical exercises to ground the learning activity and submit written work to their instructor for grading and review. An instructor approved research project is required for graduation.

Students purchase books and diet analysis software that comprise the basis of a professional library and are introduced to quality online sources of nutritional information. After completing assigned textbooks readings, listening to the audio lectures, experiencing the practical activities and submitting written assignments to an instructor, students take an online exam before progressing to the next course. Assignments are graded and returned to the student's website with written feedback.

Students have the option to meet together via webinars where live lectures on current nutrition topics are presented. The webinar lectures are also archived on the student website, so that students can access and review these lectures at a later date.  Webinars are held every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at 4 PM PST / 7 PM EST.

Students interact by posting questions and comments to the message boards and via email. Students have the opportunity to email or call their instructor during their weekly office hours for individual attention and questions. Technical support is available via the Help Desk.

Why learn online at Hawthorn University?

Hawthorn University's Distance Learning MHNE Program is ideal if you:

  • prefer a whole foods approach to nutrition
  • are motivated to learn and work at your own pace
  • want to engage in online discussions with students and faculty
  • want to enhance your professional career with nutritional training
  • want to educate others about how to maintain good health
  • want to further your education and prefer a holistic training program
  • are interested in improving personal health habits