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Alex Shirley

Congratulations to Alex Shirley for receiving his Master of Science in Health and Nutrition Education, Summa cum Laude. Alex is an Exercise and Lifestyle Coach (CHEK Institute) with an interest in Bariatric Surgery Support. He has worked for over twelve years in the Health and Fitness Industry, is an Associate Member of the Obesity Surgery Society of Australia & New Zealand and is registered with Fitness Australia. Alex originally trained and worked as a Solicitor with Allen & Overy in London and Freehills in Sydney, but left the world of corporate and banking law to pursue his interest in health and wellness. With his background, he is very aware of the pressures involved in maintaining a balanced lifestyle and he uses this prior experience to provide clients with a highly professional service. His thesis is entitled, The Need for a Health and Nutrition Education Program for Bariatric Surgery Patients in Australia. For further details please visit


Alex Shirley, MHNE Graduate