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Alix Berglund

Congratulations to Alix Berglund who graduated Summa cum Laude with a Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition degree. At the age of 33, after being told that there was no treatment available to treat her relatively rare bronchial neuroendocrine cancer, her search for healing from food became her passion. Nearly six years after her diagnosis, she has not seen any advancement of her cancer and she enjoys quite vibrant health. She attributes the stability of her disease to the years that followed her diagnosis that were full of organic, whole, healing foods and positive, health promoting lifestyle changes. Alix hopes that her experience is living proof that dietary and lifestyle changes can truly change and save lives and that she can inspire her clients to thrive by taking ownership of and responsibility for their lives and their health. Her thesis, Improving Cancer Outcomes with Nutritional Interventions, is a document that truly reflects her knowledge and passion for wellness. Best of luck, Alix.