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Amy Murphy

Amy Murphy graduated with honors from the Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition program. Amy has been is a 4-H Youth Extension Educator with Penn State Cooperative Extension for almost two decades and has created and delivered a variety of programs to youth and adults. Her personal battle for optimal health led her to work with an alternative health care practitioner to uncover the reason behind years of debilitating fatigue and illness. Amy reports that Hawthorn’s education, focusing on organic whole foods and biochemical individuality, resulted in her experiencing a health revolution. Amy’s passion lies in helping others realize what food they should eat, how to create meals, and how to prepare foods so that they can experience a new life of energy and vitality. Her thesis, Educating Food Service Personnel to Implement Healthier School Lunches, personifies her professional goals of working with local school districts and school lunch programs to facilitate healthier menu options as well as working with local farm producers for seasonal products. Keep up the good work, Amy!