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Amy Robison (Gernaat)

Amy Robison (Gernaat) is to be congratulated for earning the Nutrition Consultant certificate, Summa cum Laude after completing the Wise Traditions Nutrition certificate program. Amy has a certification in traditional foods cooking and teaching through Simply Being Well and is a co-chapter leader for the Weston Price Foundation in Houston, TX as well as the owner of My Life Delicious. She offers personalized nutrition coaching, allergy friendly cooking classes, grocery store tours, and educational workshops. Her goal is to help others learn to cook healthy, tasty meals and build community around the dinner table. Amy specializes in implementing healing diets for those with autoimmune conditions, food allergies, fatigue, and mental health issues. Her personalized approach focuses on finding the underlying problem rather than solely focusing on symptoms and uses food and lifestyle as medicine. Check out her latest recipes at Great work, Amy!

Amy Gernaat Alumni 

Amy Robison (Gernaat), NC Graduate