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Ben Warren

Ben Warren graduated Summa cum Laude from the Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition degree program. He is an Ancestral Eating Expert and Holistic Health Coach and has been in clinical practice for nine years. He developed an eating program called the BePure Health Revolution. This program flies in the face of current conventional nutritional recommendations - encouraging consumption of organ meats, butter and leafy greens and avoidance of bread. Ben has also appeared on New Zealand television in "Chat Room" and "Good Morning" and "60 Minutes". As an international speaker, he had over 25,000 people attend his seminars and he has helped people lose an estimated 30,000 Kilograms of weight. Ben continues to focus on making one million people healthy, through seminars, online programs, and nutritional supplements. Based on his thesis, "Nutritious Food, Plenty of Water, We are the Champions of Our Health", we believe he will reach his goal and wish him the best of luck. Reach Ben on his website at