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Beth Teaford

Beth Teaford received her Master of Science in Health and Nutrition Education, Magna cum Laude. In addition to her Hawthorn degree, Beth has a BS in Family Resources from West Virginia University and an MS in Education from Wilkes University. She presently is the Family and Consumer Science teacher at a local high school where she plans to emphasis cooking and eating whole foods in her Foods and Child Development courses. It is her belief that the foundation for an exceptional quality of life rests on consuming a diet that is nourishing and supportive of good health. She is convinced that student school performance is significantly enhanced when they are properly nourished and this drives her to presents her students with nutrition and food preparation instruction that emphasizes whole, locally-raised foods. Her thesis, The Need for and the Adoption of a Whole Foods Philosophy into the Family and Consumer Science Curriculum is an inspiration to others to experience the joys of optimal health. Congratulations, Beth!