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Carlie Cole

Carlie Cole is to be congratulated for earning the Master of Science in Health and Nutrition Education degree, Summa cum Laude. After realizing that conventional medications could not alleviate certain health issues experienced by her six year old son, Carlie took a proactive role in his treatment, ditching a cocktail of prescriptions for strict diet and lifestyle changes. After only several months of natural healing, her son showed remarkable improvement and began to thrive once again. Unsupported by conventional healthcare practitioners, Carlie realized the need to learn more about diet and nutrition and to share her success story with others. She is now in the process of opening a private practice in Hamburg, Pennsylvania where she plans to support clients as a Wellness Advocate. In this role, she plans to promote healing through tailored educational services and provide professional support based on the individual needs of each client. Carlie’s mission is to use her experience and formal education to empower those experiencing imbalances to make healthy diet, lifestyle, and behavior changes in order to obtain and self-govern a balanced, meaningful, and healthy life. Keep up the good work, Carlie!


Carlie Cole, MHNE Graduate