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Carmen McGuinness

Carmen McGuinness received her Masters of Science in Health and Nutrition Education. Carmen is a long time veteran Montessori teacher. For over 15 years she focused on children with special needs. She currently works with children with sensory integration and autism spectrum disorders and their families. Carmen incorporates education, nutrition, listening therapy, and heart rate variability biofeedback to help every child perform at his or her highest social, emotional, and educational ability. Carmen is to be applauded for her numerous newspaper articles, radio interviews, television appearances, and professional speaking engagements. Since 2010 she has been producing and airing web-based events on topics pertaining to the nexus of education, health, and nutrition. Her thesis, Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Mental Health, Behavior, and Learning: A Survey Study of the Efficacy of an Internet-Based Presentation to Teachers and Therapists, has added to the research. Congratulations, Carmen!