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Danielle Hart

Danielle Hart graduated with a Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition degree with the distinction of Summa cum Laude. Her thesis, Uncovering the Complex Equation of Change and Weight Loss, is an analysis of the nutritional, lifestyle, behavioral, psychological, and physiological factors involved in weight reduction and management. As part of the project, Danielle developed a questionnaire-based assessment to analyze these factors with the goal of efficiently developing healthy weight programs specific to each individual’s needs. Danielle believes the addition of researching how people change greatly informs her holistic approach. Danielle is a holistic nutrition consultant and the Editor in Chief of ENJI Daily (, a free online wellness magazine updated daily with the latest research, healthy recipes, and fitness and lifestyle tips. Her mission is to help individuals navigate the vast (and sometimes contradictory) world of wellness information, and to inspire change. Her practice website and blog can be found at


MSHN Graduate Danielle Hart