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Gretchen Kurtenacker

Congratulations are in order for Gretchen Kurtenacker who has earned a Master of Science in Health and Nutrition Education degree, Summa cum Laude. Gretchen is a Medical Laboratory Scientist and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner in Seattle Washington. She spent much of her life studying nutrition on a personal level and after 28 years in clinical laboratories, decided to pursue nutrition on a professional level. Gretchen holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Cincinnati in Clinical Laboratory Science. Her interests include food anthropology, food and the environment, and elder nourishment which is evidenced in her thesis, Nutritional Support for Alzheimer's Disease: Prevention and Intervention. Her passion is nutrition education with an emphasis on mindfulness in purchasing decisions as an opportunity to effect change in the world. Best of luck, Gretchen, as you continue to enhance the wellness of others!