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Heidi Snyder: "Eat real food, chew it well..."

"Eat real food, chew it well..."

Submitted by Michael on Fri, 02/11/2011 - 12:03

HEIDI SNYDER, 46, of Port Townsend, Wash., is a certified nutrition consultant and a holistic health educator. She is fabulously versed in both the constituents and the wholeness of food, as I rediscovered when we both attended the Society of Food Addiction Professionals conference recently in Houston. Before we parted on Sunday, I asked her to play my typical short-question interview game, in which the questions — and, by my request, the answers — are 10 words or less. Remember, please: No counting. It’s a goal, not a rule.

Something you wanted to be when you grew up: "Magician, teacher, author."

Favorite dish: "Some kind of delicious soup."

What kind? "Homemade, with fresh, seasonal ingredients."

A morsel of eating wisdom: "Eat real food, chew it well, enjoy every bite."

An encouraging sign in American nutrition: "An increase in community gardens, and that nutrition is in the news. Jamie Oliver is an encouraging sign."

A discouraging one: "The infiltration of Monsanto into agriculture and nutrition policy."

A voice on nutrition whom you follow: "Dr. Elizabeth Lipski, a digestive expert and nutrition pioneer."

A voice on food policy you admire: "The Institute for Functional Medicine."

One thing you would change in the food system: "Refined and fast food’s dominance."

Sweet or savory: "Definitely savory."

Salt or pepper: "Unrefined sea salt."

Whole or organic: "I’d say whole, because organic doesn’t always mean whole."

Portion size or type of ingredients: "Quality of ingredients."

What do you wish everyone would get right: 1) "Question blind consumerism." 2) "Read ingredient labels." 3) "Use your turn signals."