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Jacqueline Chiplin

Congratulations to Jacqueline Chiplin for earning the Nutrition Consultant certificate with a Summa cum Laude designation.  Jacqui is a licensed massage therapist (LMT), certified in orthopedic and sports massage (COS) and is the owner of "On The River Massage and Healing Arts" based in Estes Park, Colorado. The focus of her business is to provide holistic treatments and programs to encourage health and wellness.  Her involvement with health and wellness is not limited to scheduled office appointments. As a Level I and II certified Arthur Lydiard running coach, she also incorporates nutrition workshops, shopping tours at local food markets, and cooking classes within local Women’s Running Camps organized by Active At Altitude based in Estes Park. Currently Jacqueline is collaborating with a local acupuncturist to form a Wellness Clinic, a multi-disciplinary center that will work towards educating and empowering others with therapeutic techniques to support healing. For further information:  Best of luck, Jacqui.


Jacqueline Chiplin, NC Graduate