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Josiah Vencel

Josiah Vencel received his Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition degree with a Summa cum Laude designation and remained on the President's List throughout his program. Josiah also earned an undergraduate degree in communications from Biola University. He also graduated as a commissioned Centurion from BreakPoint's worldview-training program. For the past several years, Josiah has worked as an intern at an alternative medicine clinic, where he plans to establish his nutritional counseling practice with a focus on integrating the brain in the body's healing processes. He is the author of Culture Makers: A Worldview Approach to Re-engaging the World, a contributing writer to the Apologetics Study Bible for Students, and the co-founder and director of the Bakersfield Home Education Conference. Josiah's thesis, Why Iodine, the quot;Universal Medicine,quot; Should Have a Dramatically Higher RDA highlights the results of his hard work.