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Krystle Shapiro

Krystle Shapiro graduated Summa cum Laudefrom the Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition program. Krystle has experienced a variety of different careers in her lifetime including medical massage, sports massage, and oncology massage with emphasis on manual lymph drainage therapy. In 2003 she opened Stepping Stones Wellness Center in Sandpoint, Idaho which, in conjunction with her interest in holistic health care led her to begin the Sandpoint Wellness Council in 2008. Krystle's interaction with cancer clients helped her to better understand their experiences and to offer wisdom about how the body can heal itself through holistic health interventions. She also learned about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and developed a program incorporating massage therapy, energy therapy, and nutrition therapy that coincides with ongoing mental health therapy. All her experiences led to her current passionate career path focused on defining the role of chronic and extreme toxic exposures from many sources in theaters of combat, their negative effects on the human body affecting efficient neurological signaling, and nutrient dense replenishment and remediation to reduce and/or eliminate the incidence of negative behaviors, moods, and the potential of suicide. Her thesis, The War Within: Addressing Veteran Suicide, exemplifies her new knowledge and passion.