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Lynette Sprowls

Congratulations to Lynette Sprowls for graduating Summa cum Laude from the Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition program. After years of searching for an answer to an undiagnosed illness, Lynette found help from a holistic doctor who correctly diagnosed Lyme disease and set her on road to healing.  Lynette believes that she was given back her life through natural healing, and this transformed her life and led her to Hawthorn to study more about the beneficial effects of healthy food choices. She truly made the mind, body, and spirit connection and has finally come to understand that "you really are what you eat". Lynette wants to help others understand that they can heal their bodies through proper nutrition. She writes, "The more I learn about our food quality the more I realize how undernourished we are as Americans.”  Her thesis is entitled, The Relationship Between Long-term Stress, Nutrition and Toxins and How They Effect the Body and Contribute to Adrenal Fatigue. Best of luck, Lynette!

Lynnette Sprowls 

Lynette Sprowls, MSHN Graduate