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Megan Ulrichs

Megan Ulrichs received her undergraduate degree in Nutrition and Exercise Science and worked as a personal trainer developing individual exercise and nutrition plans until she began her career as a full time mom. While staying home and raising her three boisterous boys, she began to turn her nutrition skills into useful tools. It wasn't until her middle son was four years old, and his teachers began saying that he needed to be on medication for Attention Deficit Disorder that she knew things needed to change. Megan devoured holistic nutritional healing; and over the course of a few years completely changed the diet of her family and in turn had teachers and fellow moms asking, “what have you done? My how calm your son has become!”; “Do you have him on medication now? He is a different child!” Megan saw such dramatic changes in not only her son but also her own health which lead her to the decision to pursue a masters degree in holistic nutrition from Hawthorn University. Her 4 years at Hawthorn University played an integral role in attaining invaluable knowledge in healing through food.

Since starting with Hawthorn University, has worked at Spring Integrative Health in Bozeman, MT ( Her clients run the gamut of individuals with digestive issues, children with learning or behavioral challenges, to endurance athletes, pregnant women, diabetics, weight loss/gain, and pre or post surgery nutrition planning. It is her goal and passion to educate individuals on the theory and practice of food as medicine.

In working with individuals on improving their health through diet, Megan saw a need for a focus on addressing chronic skin disorders both internally and topically. Her passion to help others lead to the development of a Holistic Skincare Program and an Organic Skincare line that is safe and natural for use on all skin types. Glo Luxury Oils, LLC ( now sells throughout Montana and Nationwide on the internet due to word of mouth in its healing qualities. Her skin and health care packages educate clients on attaining optimal health that is reflected in their energy, clarity and healthy skin.

Megan Ulrichs 

Megan Ulrichs, MSHN Graduate