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Miles Price

The distinction of Magna cum Laude was earned by Miles Price who recently graduated from the Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition program. Miles has a strong and existing interest in Metabolic Typing and a continued interest in all aspects related to nutritional health. He was fortunate to grow up on a farm and, from his experience, can contribute knowledge from a food production point of view. Miles practices his Metabolic Typing philosophy with a Doctors Practice and Alternative Healthcare practice in Hong Kong. In these establishments he works alongside Physicians, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, and other healthcare professionals to provide a ‘complete’ healthcare program for the patients. His plans are to work in a holistic practice with various practitioners helping people achieve their optimal state of health and to become a director of a holistic health establishment promoting educating and clinically evaluating the general public about healthy living. His thesis, A Review of the Nutrients which Boost Glutathione Levels in the Brain and Thus Protecting it from Oxidative Damage, is proof that he should attain his goals. Good luck, Miles.