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NANP Meeting Nomination

At a recent NANP meeting nominations for exceptional work in a variety of areas were reviewed and awards were designated.  Hawthorn did really well and we are proud to announce the winners that are a part of Hawthorn University.

Our Assistant Dean of Faculty and Instructor, Heidi Snyder, won the Service award for her efforts at mentoring and building connections that grow our holistic nutrition community.  Her efforts for this year’s NANP conference will make for an informative and successful event.

Marjie Andrejciw, a 2007 MSHN graduate won the "Going Up' award.  Marjie is recognized as an NANP member who has been in a professional practice for 1-2 years and who has already begun to obtain visibility, success, and distinction in her business.
Julie Matthews, Webinar presenter and author of Nourishing Hope, a required book in the Continuing Education course on autism, won the Impact award.  Julie received this award because she has obtained visibility in the wider world during the past year. She is well-known as an international and national autism-nutrition expert.