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Ramona Richard

Ramona Richard graduated Summa cum Laude from the Master of Science in Health and Nutrition Education program. She also graduated with honors from the University of California with a Bachelor's Degree in psychology. Ramona holds a Standard Designated Teaching Credential from the State of California, and is a member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals. For almost twenty years she participated in nutrition education programs, including high school and college presentations, radio, and public speaking. She is owner of Radiance, a nutrition consulting company. She has held positions in the private sector as well-as Director of Education for a company promoting neurotransmitter balance, and in outside sales of professional-line nutritional supplements. Her focus is on brain health and mood physiology. Her years as instructor of advanced nutrition, combined with her consulting practice and experience in the industry, have given Ramona a depth of understanding of human nutrition, broad clinical expertise, and polished skills in training others in this field. Her thesis, The Prevention of Cognitive Decline: A Brain Tune-up Program is evidence of her dedication to contributing to the wellbeing of everyone seeking a more healthful life. Congratulations, Ramona!