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Sharon Wiebe

Congratulations to Sharon Wiebe for graduating with a Nutrition Consultant certificate and earning the distinction of Summa cum Laude. Sharon is the founder of TableRock Organics and Nutrition and her passion is helping people make the connection between diet and wellbeing. She provides gardening instruction, food preparation, meal planning, nutrition counseling, diet analysis, and wellness workshops to motivate individuals for enduring and dramatic results to boost their energy and maximize their health. She specializes in blood sugar regulation and insulin resistance. Sharon has always had a deep curiosity and an unquenchable desire to learn. In her late teens she combed the banks of the Bow River with reference books in her backpack, identifying the local plants growing there. Over the years she expanded her interest to include trees, herbs, weeds, mushrooms, and wild edible plants. Sharon grows and gathers her own herbs and medicinal plants and spends the winters creating herbal tinctures, elixirs and salves. Keep up the good work, Sharon!


Sharon Wiebe, NC Graduate