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William Broadwater

Congratulations to William Broadwater who received his Master of Science in Health and Nutrition Education degree with the Magna cum Laude designation. Bill is changing his long time career focus as a Communications Specialist for the U.S. Department of Labor to one that will help others choose healthy lifestyles. He is passionate about educating individuals in his community and in underprivileged populations and hopes to get people to think about the consequences of their food choices for the sake of their own health and the sustainability of the planet. As a nutrition educator he will utilize the information he gleaned from Hawthorn to show why a whole foods approach to nutrition is superior to achieve optimum health. Bill's thesis, Optimum Nutritional and Lifestyle Choices to Promote Brain Health in Aging Adults is an indication of his new found knowledge. Best of luck in your business "Eat Wise". We believe that your approach to work with people on a lifestyle and dietary modifications will produce great results.