Student Stories and Testimonials

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Debbie Vail

NC Graduate, 2015

“Hawthorn University has provided me with all the tools necessary to support anyone with the desire to live a healthier life.”

Alisa Bolamperti-Garrett

MSHN Graduate, 2015

“I have been in the fitness industry for over 30 years and wanted to expand my horizons beyond basic nutrition…

Laurie Ellis

MSHN Graduate, 2015

“I came to Hawthorn with my bachelor of science in nursing and 23 years of experience as a health educator…

June Rousso

MSHN Graduate, 2015

“Hawthorn provides a solid foundation in holistic nutrition…

Amie Miller

NC Graduate, 2015

“I looked at several online schools before choosing Hawthorn and really feel I made the right decision…

Anja Nickolenko

NC Graduate, 2015

“I had an excellent experience at Hawthorn…

Karsten Mueller

MSHN Graduate, 2015

“I already held a Ph.D. and knew a lot about health and nutrition prior to beginning my education at Hawthorn University…

Diana Glasser

MSHN Graduate, 2015

“Going through the Masters of Holistic Nutrition was an incredible journey…

Virginia Hudock

NC Graduate, 2015

“The education that I received was excellent and prepared me to work with a variety of people and the nutrition aspects of their health concerns…

Terry De Priest

NC Graduate, 2015

“I gained very a very valuable education in the field of health and nutrition at Hawthorn University!…

Serena Ryder

MSHN Graduate, 2015

“Hawthorn provides an amazing educational experience that will change not only clients lives but the students and everyone around them…

Marilyn Ravesies

MSTN Graduate, 2015

“Although I am not currently working, my Hawthorn education was invaluable when my husband had a heart attack a year ago…