Barbara Rodgers

NC Graduate, 2015

“There are more and more schools coming on the scene in the holistic nutrition industry, but there are very few who offer the benefits to students that Hawthorn University offers…

and does so at a relatively modest cost when compared to other programs. First, a prospective student needs to look closely at a school's curriculum to ensure it is truly focused on a comprehensive, holistic philosophy, as you will find at Hawthorn. For me, the next piece of criteria that was important was finding a school that offered an online program. Hawthorn is, and has always been an online school, and it shows in their ability to support their students through an efficient technology platform which includes: a student portal, online scheduling for teacher conferences and tests, an incredible library of webinars on a diverse range of topics, access to course lectures in audio format, as well as other tools that all made my learning experience productive, efficient and, well, fun! Administratively, I found HU to be incredible. I found every staff member with whom I interacted over the (approx.) 2 years that I was enrolled with them to be responsive, caring, supportive and encouraging. My teacher was amazing! She almost always gave me extra time during my course conference to ensure all my questions were answered (and until she was convinced that I had adequately absorbed the information). Any questions or issues that came up with administrators were always resolved promptly. One time I had a little snag while taking a test one evening (I did something I wasn't suppose to!) and had to have the test reset by someone in Technology. I was taking the test at night and thought I would have to start over another day, assuming no one from Tech would respond at that hour. But 15 minutes later I received an email that my test had been reset --- at 9 pm! My experience is that the staff at Hawthorn are, collectively, a group of people who share a common passion -- my passion -- to further the knowledge that adopting a holistic philosophy in nutrition and life, can make the difference in how our genes express health or illness. I worked hard at HU to complete their program so I can be one of the many practitioners in this country to bring that message to those who need to hear it. As a graduate, I will continue to tap into the resources and support available to me from Hawthorn University as I continue to learn and strive to achieve my goal.”, posizionamento sui motori