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Case Studies Webinar - Using Nutrition in Clinical Practice: Approaches and Outcomes with Dr. Bianca Garilli, ND


Pre-Webinar Announcements and Holistic Health News: 0:00 - 12:48
Presentation: 12:48 - 01:39:23

Listen to case studies from Dr. Bianca Garilli’s practice as a naturopathic doctor as she demonstrates using holistic nutrition to prevent and work with chronic diseases. Dr. Garilli addresses issues such as childhood ADHD, cardiovascular disease, and immune system support.

Hawthorn University welcomes back faculty member Dr. Bianca Garilli, ND for a Case Studies Webinar - Using Nutrition in Clinical Practice: Approaches and Outcomes.

In the case studies presented, therapeutics will focus on the importance of an individualized holistic nutritional approach and highlight the value of nutrition in chronic disease prevention and treatment. Dr. Garilli will explore information gathering techniques, considerations for follow up lab work, nutritional supplementation, and the importance of understanding when and how to make referrals to appropriate healthcare professionals.

Bianca Garilli is a former US Marine. She runs a private practice in Folsom, California where she specializes in treating and preventing chronic disease states through a personalized lifestyle approach including nutrition, exercise, botanical medicine and homeopathy.

She consults with nutritional supplement companies and integrative medical clinics. Dr. Garilli is a member of the faculty at Hawthorn University and President for the CA Chapter of the Children’s Heart Foundation. She lives in Northern California with her husband, children and their four backyard chickens.

For a copy of the slide presentation used in this webinar, click here.