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Holistic Detoxification: How to Create a Healthy Home Which Supports Healing with Lucinda Curran


Pre-Webinar Announcements and Holistic Health News: 0:00 - 10:30
Presentation: 10:30 - 1:28:12

Detoxify your home environment to inspire a healing space. Building Biologist and Chinese medicine practitioner, Lucinda Curran is keenly aware of the impact that our built environments (homes, schools and workplaces) have on our health. During this webinar Lucinda will identify potential hazards in the home and offer solutions.

Hawthorn University welcomes Lucinda Curran for Holistic Detoxification: How to Create a Healthy Home Which Supports Healing.

Driven by passion and motivated by personal experience, Lucinda Curran endeavours to help people make informed choices, provide viable solutions and make the world safer for all who dwell here. She deftly combines her knowledge as a Chinese medicine practitioner with her training and skills as a Building Biologist to work with people to create a healthy built environment that doesn’t diminish their health. Lucinda devotes her time to preventing and assisting those with environmental sensitivities (health issues related to the built environment). She is passionate about empowering people around the globe to improve their health by addressing their environment and hosts the Environmental Sensitivities Symposium.

For a copy of the slide presentation used in this webinar, click here.