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Adrenal Fatigue: A Rising Epidemic with Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopathic Doctor


Adrenal insufficiency has already reached epidemic proportions in our culture. We see the impact of this health concern in symptoms of fatigue, weight gain, and sleep disturbances, as well as most chronic illness that people experience today. Learn more about the endocrine system, adrenal function, hormonal triggers, how stress affects the body, and most importantly, solutions to address adrenal fatigue.

Glen Depke holds degrees as a Traditional Naturopath, a Bachelor of Science in Natural Health, and a diploma in Professional Holistic Iridology. His intention is to empower individuals to reach their health and wellness goals by addressing their individual imbalances while releasing any blocks that hinder them from this goal; whether these blocks are physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

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Click Here for a PDF copy of the slide presentation used in this webinar.