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Allostatic Load: Answering the Question Why Do I Feel So Lousy? with Dr. Jeffrey Moss, DDS, CNS, DACBN


Today we are seeing a dramatic increase in numbers of Americans whose health status cannot be defined by “sound byte” terms used in conventional health care circles or even alternative medicine health care circles. Does a classic medical descriptor even begin to help us understand the ever increasing masses whose list of complaints number in the dozens? Most assuredly no. What about alternative medicine descriptors such as “leaky gut,” “adrenal exhaustion,’ or “biliary stasis”? Can any one of these commonly used terms really tell us what these people are all about? Probably not. Therefore, these long suffering individuals are defining themselves and are being defined by the catch-all phrase “feeling lousy.” If understanding is the foundation of health optimization, must people who cannot be understood using traditional allopathic and alternative medicine terminology be relegated to the health care, idiopathic “trash heap”? On the surface it may seem that way since, more and more, we are seeing long suffering individuals who, like Diogenes who searched the world for an honest man, search the world of health care in vain, racking up a formidable list of conventional and alternative medicine practitioners who could not help them. Fortunately, there exists a still somewhat obscure but ever growing list of researchers and clinicians who are stating, boldly and confidently, feeling lousy and its biochemistry and physiology can be understood! However, it can only be understood if we as health care providers can free ourselves of longstanding health care dogma, “sacred cows”, and belief systems. For when we reach this state of intellectual and cognitive freedom, it becomes obvious what the true nature of “feeling lousy” really is – Allostatic Load.

In this webinar you will learn what allostatic load is and how, in very specific detail, it creates “feeling lousy” in virtually everyone you encounter. Furthermore, with an understanding of allostatic load, ways of assisting these “feeling lousy” people will become obvious in a very ironic fashion. For, even for those whose “feeling lousy” seems infinitely complex and complicated initially, application of allostatic load principles will lead us not to equally complex and complicated solutions but simple, basic, cost effective solutions that can be easily applied by virtually all health care professionals.

Dr. Jeffrey Moss, DDS, CNS, DABCN graduated from the University of Michigan Dental School in 1974 and practiced dentistry in Grand Rapids, Michigan up to 1985. Having employed clinical nutrition in his practice for six years, he decided to use this experience and enter the professional supplement industry. In 1992 he founded Moss Nutrition Products, Inc., which provides nutritional supplements to health care professionals. In addition, since 1987 he has written, for professionals, a monthly newsletter for professionals of review and commentary on many of the most controversial and cutting-edge issues that face clinical nutrition practitioners today. He also co-authored the text, Textbook of Nutritional Medicine with Mel Werbach, M.D. Finally, Dr. Moss has been a member of the faculty of the University of Bridgeport masters program in nutrition since 1999 and is currently teaching about vitamins, minerals, and assessment in his classes. Dr. Moss is also an adjunct faculty member at Hawthorn University.

Click Here for a PDF copy of the PowerPoint presentation used in this webinar.