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Fertility, Pre and Postnatal Nutrition with Donna Wild


Pre-Webinar Announcements and Holistic Health News: 0:00 - 8:58
Presentation: 8:58 - 1:33:58

For women and their babies,  food and nutrient support is very important during the delicate time from fertility, through pregnancy, to postpartum care.

Hawthorn University welcomes back Donna Wild for a webinar on Fertility, Pre and Postnatal Nutrition.

Donna Wild discusses nutrient-related birth defects, lactation support,  and nutritional and herbal protocols for common conditions experienced during and after pregnancy.

For more than 30 years Donna Wild has studied, practiced and taught holistic health to doctors and laymen. In the process, she has written, published, broadcasted and lectured extensively on natural restorative methods for human and animal health. In 2012, Ms. Wild wrote The Skin, Tongue and Nails Speak: Observational Signs of Nutritional Deficiencies. Currently Ms. Wild owns and runs Unique Perspective in Loveland, Colorado where she has a private practice, working as a consultant, lecturer and author. In her backyard, Donna raises laying hens and honey bees and lovingly tends to her organic vegetable, fruit and herb gardens.

For a copy of the slide presentation used in this webinar, click here.