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"Food for Thought: Climate Change and Our Food" with Birch Early, N.C.


Learn about one of the most important contributors to climate change - the food we eat - and how food and climate change interact with each other. Explore the climate change impact of our current industrial model of food production and the viability of alternative ways of producing food for a growing planet. Learn about the impact of climate change on food production in the United States and globally and how it is already changing what we eat and how much food is available. Birch Early, NC and Certified Green Building Professional, is a Nutrition and Sustainability Consultant. As a Consultant, she works to combine her background in international relations, energy efficiency, green building, alternative vehicles and food and nutrition. One of her passions is the intersection of food and climate change. Birch leads tours of Bay Area organic farms for Bay Area Green Tours and is a member of the Berkeley Food Policy Council.