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Genomics: The Science and Application of Genomic Testing for Nutrition Professionals: Part One


Pre-Webinar Announcements and Book Nook Segment: 0:00 - 11:55
Webinar Presentation: 11:55 - 1:37:27

Nutrition Professionals who want to provide personalized recommendations using genomic testing will want to view this webinar!

As nutrition professionals, we provide oodles of information about diet, nutritional supplements, exercise regimens and lifestyle choices. Providing personalized recommendations can be daunting because everyone is a unique human being based his/her genotype and what might work for one person may not work for another. Our genotype--the genes that make up our DNA code and provide the blueprint for the proteins our bodies need to function--can be difficult to decipher if we rely solely on a person's phenotype, traits or physical characteristics.

Hawthorn University’s Holistic Health and Nutrition Webinar Series welcomes Dr. Roberta Kline and Dr. Joe R. Veltmann for Part One of their two-part genomic testing series, Genomics: The Science and Application of Genomic Testing for Nutrition Professionals.

With the completion of the Human Genome Project and the advent of genomic testing, today there is a new tool in a nutrition professional's tool box to:

• provide personalized programs to nutritionally support a client during a disease process;
• use specific nutritional therapies to decrease the risk of chronic diseases as part of a disease-prevention program;
• understand the biochemistry behind your nutritional recommendations; and
• be part of the genomic revolution that is occurring in medicine, the nutritional sciences and across the entire spectrum of healthcare.

Part One discusses the science behind genomic testing and how best to interpret genomic results using real-life examples from our clinical files.

The first 10 minutes of this webinar feature our Book Nook segment where Paula Bartholomy and Hawthorn graduate Rande Freedman discuss the book The Hormone Secret by Tami Meraglia, MD.

Dr. Roberta Kline is a physician, author, teacher and entrepreneur who is passionate about empowering others with the knowledge and tools they need to create health of mind, body and spirit. Board-certified in Ob-Gyn, with additional expertise in functional medicine, genomics, epigenetics, and multiple healing modalities, she actively shares her knowledge and vision with others through teaching, collaboration, and speaking. Dr. Bobbi is cofounder (with Dr. Joe Veltmann) and CEO of Genomic Solutions NOW!, NCG Health Solutions, and GENESIS Center 4 Personalized Health, dedicated to transforming healthcare through teaching others how to create individualized health unique to each person’s DNA.

Joe R. Veltmann PhD FAAIM DCCN is a scientist, healthcare practitioner, expert in genomic testing and interpretation, author, teacher and innovator. With over twenty-five years of experience as a researcher, and nutritional, functional and integrative medicine practitioner, Dr. Joe has made a career of translating lab results into practical clinical applications for patients. Today, Dr. Joe is co-founder of Genomic Solutions NOW and GENESIS Center 4 Personalized Health, which offer genomic testing, clinical interpretation, consulting and engaging, informative webinars educating healthcare professionals and the general public about the benefits of genomics in the prevention and treatment of cancer and other chronic diseases.

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