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Metabolic Typing with Bill Wolcott


William Wolcott worked with Dr. William Donald Kelly, who was one of the early nutritional cancer doctors. Wolcott, while working as the clinic's problem solver, realized that there were various types of information based upon metabolism that would determine which type of diet and supplements would optimize health in specific people. Based on over 30 years of clinical and technical experience in custom designing Metabolic Typing® programs suited to each person's unique Metabolic Type, he has dedicated his life to the unfolding of human potential and the development of optimal health through individualized metabolic lifestyle programs. The ability to experience radiant health is part of the genetic code built into every cell in your body. What you need to do in order to reclaim your birthright is to understand through Metabolic Typing® what YOUR body needs as opposed to someone else's, in order to function the way it was intended it to. To this end, Bill Wolcott, through Healthexcel, provides Metabolic Typing® research, a series of computerized Metabolic Typing® analyses, designing of customized nutrition and ecological lifestyle programs, turn-key Metabolic Typing® systems for health professionals, and international Metabolic Typing® consulting services.