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Nutrition for Optimal Muscle Growth and Fat Loss with Dr. Nikolas Hedberg, DC, DABCI, DACBN


This webinar is the first in a three part exercise series on “Nutrition Strategies for Optimal Fat-Loss and Muscle Gain” with Dr. Nikolas Hedberg.

This webinar will focus on nutrition strategies to enhance lean muscle growth and burn fat related to exercise and optimal athletic performance. Protein, carbohydrate and fat intake will be covered in detail as well as the best timing for consuming each one of these macronutrients. It's important to optimize your client's time in the gym so they can see results quickly and following the strategies outlined in this presentation will result in fat loss and muscle gain.

Nikolas R. Hedberg, DC, DABCI, DACBN is a Board Certified Chiropractic Internist and Board Certified in Nutrition by the American Clinical Board of Nutrition. He received his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from the University of Florida and his Doctor of Chiropractic from Texas Chiropractic College. He is the founder of the Immune Restoration Center in Asheville, NC where he focuses on autoimmune diseases, chronic infections and thyroid disorders. Dr. Hedberg is the author of the book, The Thyroid Alternative and the upcoming book The Complete Thyroid Health & Diet Guide which is a comprehensive guide to diagnosing and treating thyroid disorders. Dr. Hedberg's passion is the connection between infections and chronic illness which he calls, “The Infection Connection.” He has created an online training course focused on functional medicine approaches to infectious and chronic illnesses at www.infectionconnection.net.

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