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"Raw Milk: Got Politics?" with Ruth Foster


With its popularity growing beyond a fad, raw milk has become the politically charged tip of the iceberg in our fight for the freedom of food choice. In this presentation we will examine how raw milk has journeyed from being Nature's perfect food to becoming the only food to be made illegal and why, despite health warnings, it is still widely sought for its health benefits. Ruth Foster is a Doctorate student at Hawthorn University. She earned a BS in Nursing and an MA in Public Media Arts or Broadcasting. A former Newborn Intensive Care Nurse, Ruth was initially very skeptical of raw milk due to the information she received in college. Research changed her mind and has enabled her to lobby effectively and share her knowledge with others. Ruth has successfully coordinated legislative efforts for raw milk legalization in North Carolina. As a Weston A. Price chapter leader, Ruth has helped connect people with local sources of raw milk and enjoys helping farmers grow their businesses.