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"The Community Supported Kitchen" with Tressa Yellig


What is a Community Supported Kitchen? It is a sustainable model for community scale food preparation and processing that honors culinary traditions and provides nutrient-dense foods. It is a place for community and community empowerment and nourishment. Through seasonal feasts, membership boxes, classes and internships, a CSK seeks to improve the transparency of food from farm to table. Our mission is to restore food integrity and traditional preparations to our regional food economy. We are committed to sourcing locally, planning seasonally, minimizing waste and working respectfully in direct relationship with our community of farmers, customers and fellow artisans. Salt, Fire and Time is Portland's CSK and the fourth in the nation. It is organized by Chef Tressa Yellig, a graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts in New York. She specializes in a variety of health supportive cooking styles including vegan, macrobiotic, and ayurvedic traditions but mostly advocates the Weston A. Price Foundation's nutritional philosophy. She apprenticed under the worker-ownership of Three Stone Hearth in Berkeley, CA, the first community supported kitchen of its kind. In addition, she has experience managing farmers' markets, working with a variety of artisan food producers, in upscale restaurants, business management and organizations promoting urban food sustainability, local food economies and seasonality. To find out more check out www.saltfireandtime.com