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"The Sugar Awareness and Elimination Project" with Heidi Snyder, MS, NC, CEPC


Sugar is everywhere in our society: in our food supply, our vitamins, over-the-counter and prescription drugs, it's even in table salt. It is socially acceptable at most gatherings, ever present in our work environments, and in our children's school lunches. The result --powerful cravings, sugar addiction, and a litany of health conditions ranging from anxiety and diabetes to Alzheimer's and heart disease. In this webinar, Heidi Snyder will teach how to control sugar cravings and keep blood sugar balanced. The information will demonstrate how to take steps toward a more whole food based diet, leading to better health and quality of life. Awareness of our bodies, of the source of hidden sugars in the diet, and of whole food solutions is the goal. You'll be given information and tools to learn more about why people experience cravings, energy dips, and emotional highs and lows, as well as realistic strategies and solutions that can be implemented immediately to overcome these imbalances. This presentation will cover everything from the physiology of blood sugar regulation, to the basics of understanding food labels and ingredient lists. The tools and education needed for health and nutrition professionals to conduct a Sugar Awareness and Elimination Project in your community will be provided. Heidi Snyder, MS, NC, CEPC, a certified Nutrition Consultant, Holistic Health Educator and certified Eating Psychology Coach, served as the Assistant Dean to Faculty at Hawthorn University, and was a former professor in the Masters of Science and Nutrition Consultant training programs. Her clinical practice focuses on the metabolic dysfunction and physiologic imbalances caused by food intolerances, poor eating habits, food addiction and substance abuse, teaming up with individuals to restore and optimize digestion and blood sugar levels, resolve their weight issues, uncover nutrient deficiencies and facilitate the changes required to overcome and manage food sensitivities. Over the last 15 years Heidi's true passion has extended deep into the heart of food as medicine, incorporating home cooking and whole foods nutrition as the foundation of her message. Since opening her private practice, she has empowered hundreds of clients and students to transform their lives by pursuing holistic solutions to today's health crises ~ utilizing realistic, hands-on strategies that empower and equip them with the education and tools essential for self-sufficiency and recovery from their complex health conditions.