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"Total Load Theory: How Stressors Accumulate, Resulting in Illness" with Patty Lemer


Every human body, like a bridge, has an individual load limit, and can handle only a certain number of stressors before collapsing. From conception, the accumulation of chemicals, heavy metals, sensory assaults or deprivation, poor nutrition, and immune system stressors can produce a dangerous overload that puts us and our children at risk for health and developmental problems. This webinar will cover the following topics: • Pre-natal risk factors • The role of genetics vs. environment • Endocrine disruptors • Immune system issues • How diet and nutrition fit in • Sensory and motor factors • Detoxification strategies • Counseling clients of different ages and stages • Prevention as the ultimate goal Patricia S. Lemer, M. Ed., NCC, M.S. Bus. is a co-founder and the Executive Director of Developmental Delay Resources (DDR), (www.devdelay.org) an international, non-profit organization integrating conventional and holistic approaches for children with developmental delays. She holds a Masters of Education in counseling and learning disabilities from Boston College and a Masters in Business from Johns Hopkins University. Ms. Lemer is a National Certified Counselor, and practiced as an educational diagnostician for over 30 years. Ms. Lemer lectures internationally on viewing developmental delays, including autism, PDD, AD(H)D, LD, OCD, NLD and others, as a spectrum of disorders. She is the Editor of "EnVISIONing a Bright Future: Interventions that Work for Children and Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders", published in 2008. She discourages labeling of children, and specializes in combining developmentally appropriate practice with sound theory. She is especially interested in the integration of a biomedical approach with vision and other movement and sensory-based therapies. Ms. Lemer lives in Pittsburgh, PA and is the mother of an adult daughter and the grandmother of Penelope, born in August, 2006.