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"Why We Believe What We Believe About Fats and Why It's Wrong" with Annette Presley, LD, RD


Annette Presely will be sharing her research on why saturated fats have been given a bad rap. She'll highlight research on cholesterol in the 1950's that began to discredit saturated fats even though the science didn't bear it out. Come and learn the real story and find out the truth about saturated fats. She'll also tell us how iodine and vitamin C help protect our heart and are part of this unfolding story. Annette graduated from California State University, Los Angeles, in 1991 with a BS in Nutritional Science and became a registered dietitian that same year. She worked in the hospital setting for 6 years before taking time off to raise children. In 2002, Annette was diagnosed with asthma. Not wanting to be dependent on steroids, she began looking into alternative nutrition therapies. Now, through her business, Find Your Weigh, Annette is dedicated to getting the truth out so people can be set free from chronic disease and obesity and live a truly abundant and healthy life. She is co-author of The Liberation Diet and blogs regularly at www.liberationwellness.com. Annette lives in Midland, Tx with her husband and two children.